As the leading commercial human biospecimen CRO Cureline offers expert consultancy services to improve tissue collection efforts that are a part of your clinical trial:
  • Protocol Review. Cureline can review existing technical approaches for tissue collection to ensure that methods are consistent with the industry best practices.
  • Site Auditing. Cureline can carry out an audit of a selected site (either poor performers or sites with high potential but problematic) to identify major issue contributing to poor reliability and quality.
  • Gap Analysis. Cureline can provide a detailed report on findings on how both the document methods (protocols) as well as on site operations and logistics at select sites may deviate from the best practices. This report would include a plan with recommendations for improvement and roadmap for larger scale auditing and improvement.
  • Process Improvement and Standardization (logistics). Cureline experts are able to provide on-site support to a selected number of sites to improve sample collection, processing, storage and distribution methods. These improvement efforts could be expanded based on need.
  • Site training. Cureline can provide training to clinical and scientific staff at the study sites on various tissue collection, preservation and handling methods. This is based on Cureline’s extensive experience collecting thousands of tissue cases at a variety sites around the world.
  • Ongoing monitoring. Cureline can provide ongoing quality control monitoring of sites to ensure that all sites are compliant with standard protocols.
  • Specimen management services. Cureline can provide services for biospecimen storage, consolidation and organization.